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Magnetic Minerals, Naturally - Materials


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An introduction to minerals that respond to magnets. The kids will suspend a piece of lodestone (also called magnetite) from a string and notice that it aligns with the earth's natural magnetic field. They will also see the effect it has on a compass and a pile of iron filings.

Demo Pack includes: 12" cotton string, 1 lodestone, 1 book magnet, 1 4"x6" resealable baggie, 7/8 oz iron filings, 1 tart pan, 7/8 oz sodium chloride, 1 compass, 1 hand lens

Study Group Pack includes: 4 12" cotton strings, 4 lodestones, 4 book magnets, 4 4"x6" resealable baggies, 4 7/8-oz iron filings, 4 tart pans, 4 7/8-oz sodium chloride, 4 compasses, 4 hand lenses

Classroom Pack includes: 10 12" cotton strings, 10 lodestones, 10 book magnets, 10 4"x6" resealable baggies, 10 7/8-oz iron filings, 10 tart pans, 10 7/8-oz sodium chloride, 10 compasses, 10 hand lenses

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