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Impromptu Magnets Materials


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This is a basic chemistry and physics lab. The main thrust of the lab is to illustrate that objects that contain iron respond to permanent magnets and can also be induced to create magnetic fields. The kids will also explore the idea that a compass can be used to detect permanent as well as induced magnetic fields.

Demo Pack includes: 1 16-penny nail, 1 large paperclip, 1 plastic straw, 1 craft stick, 1 poker chip, 1 brad, 1 3-mL pipette, 1 compass, 1 book magnet, 1 donut magnet, 15 straight pins, 1 lodestone.

Study Group Pack includes: 4 16-penny nails, 4 large paperclips, 4 plastic straws, 4 craft sticks, 4 poker chips, 4 brads, 4 3-mL pipettes, 4 compasses, 4 book magnets, 4 donut magnets, 60 straight pins, 4 lodestones.

Classroom Pack includes: 10 16-penny nails, 10 large paperclips, 10 plastic straws, 10 craft sticks, 10 poker chips, 10 brads, 10 3-mL pipettes, 10 compasses, 10 book magnets, 10 donut magnets, 150 straight pins, 10 lodestones.

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