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Wrapping Up Electromagnets Materials


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Take an ordinary iron nail, wrap it with several loops of insulated copper wire, and hook a battery to it. You now have an electromagnet—a magnet that is created when electricity flows through a wire around an iron core. By using a compass and a switch you will be able to demonstrate that the magnetic field is created when electricity is flowing through the circuit, and it disappears when the electricity is stopped. You will also be able to demonstrate the ability of the magnetic field to attract and hold iron objects such as paper clips.

Demo Pack includes:  24" insulated bell wire, small box of paper clips, D battery clip, D battery, 3 alligator clips, switch, compass, nail

Study Group Pack includes:  4 24" insulated bell wires, 4 small boxes of paper clips, 4 D battery clips, 4 D batteries, 12 alligator clips, 4 switches, 4 compasses, 4 nails

Classroom Pack includes:  10 24" insulated bell wires, 10 small boxes of paper clips, 10 D battery clips, 10 D batteries, 30 alligator clips, 10 switches, 10 compasses, 10 nails

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