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Ironing Out Sand Materials


Product Description

Create a mixture of salt, sand, and iron filings in a baggie. Separate the iron filings from the sand and salt with a magnet. Then separate the sand from the salt by taking advantage of the solubility of salt in water. Illustrates the difference between a mixture and a compound, as well as solubility and magnetism.

Demo Pack includes: 5" tart pan, 2" x 3" baggie of sand, 7/8 vial iron filings, 7/8 oz vial sodium chloride, craft stick, 4" x 6" resealable baggie, 2" book magnet, 4 oz portion cup.

Study Group Pack includes: 4 5" tart pans, 4 2" x 3" baggies of sand, 4 7/8-oz vials iron filings, 4 7/8-oz vials sodium chloride, 4 craft sticks, 4 4" x 6" resealable baggies, 4 2" book magnets, 4 4-oz portion cups.

Classroom Pack includes: 10 5" tart pans, 10 2" x 3" baggies of sand, 10 7/8-oz vials iron filings, 10 7/8-oz vials sodium chloride, 10 craft sticks, 10 4" x 6" resealable baggies, 10 2" book magnets, 10 4-oz portion cups.

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