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Voted “Most Annoying Lab Accessory” for 152 years running. Hook this buzzer up to your circuit and it begins to emit a loud buzzing sound. The fun thing about these is that this little black buzzer uses a transistor circuit to supply a varying voltage to a piezo-electric disk. The disk flexes back and forth, vibrating in place, when a voltage is applied to it. This creates the sound that instantly locates all of the raw nerve endings at the base of your skull, assuming that you have connected the wires properly. The transistor is like a one-way turnstile at the fair. It will only allow the electrons to go one way. If you try to hook it up backwards the transistor won’t work. Drives some kids nuts until they figure it out.

Demos and Labs: Parallel Pathways, Adaptable Electron, Conductivity Tester, Domino Circuit, Morse Of Course, Quiz Board

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