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Volcano Mania! Classroom Kit


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Ever wonder what those rocks that fly out of volcanos are called and how they are formed? This kit will reveal those secrets. You will learn what causes obsidian to become pumice, how ash is welded into a rock, and why some eruptions produce mountains that are thousands of feet high while others produce lava flows that are thousands of acres wide. Classroom Kit includes materials for 10 lab groups to perform each activity, along with a Teacher's Guide. 12 1-oz Sodium Tetraborate 12 1-oz Acetic Acid 12 1-oz Red Food Coloring 12 1-oz Yellow Food Coloring 12 1-oz Blue Food Coloring 12 1-oz Isopropyl Alcohol 12 1-oz Potassium Sulfate, 10% 12 1-oz Glue Solution, 50% 12 0.5-oz Poly A 12 0.5-oz Poly B 12 1-oz Detergent 12 7/8-oz Aluminum Sulfate 12 7/8-oz Sodium Bicarbonate 12 7/8-oz Iron Filings 12 7/8-oz Guar Gum 10 Stoppers, solid 10 Test Tubes, 20 mm x 150 mm 10 4"x6" Resealable Baggies 10 4"x6" Bags Macaroni 10 4"x6" Bags Popcorn Kernels 10 Toilet Paper Squares 10 Clear Cups, 9 oz 40 Portion Cups, 4 oz 40 Craft Sticks 10 Eyedroppers 10 Aa Cinder 10 Andesite 10 Basalt 10 Breccia 10 Geyserite 10 Obsidian 10 Bubbly Obsidian 10 Pumice 10 Welded Ash 10 Wonderstone

Volcano Mania! Classroom Kit

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