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Revenge of the Burrito Materials


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Rotten egg gas, also known as hydrogen sulfide, commonly escapes Mother Nature's bowels via volcanoes, gas wells, coal pits, sulfur springs, and the gastrointestinal exit ports of individuals who have eaten large quantities of fried onion rings. In this experiment, you will be generating hydrogen sulfide gas by mixing iron filings with a weak acid, vinegar, in a cup. This reaction produces a memorable odor, something resembling rotten eggs.

Demo Pack includes:  7/8 oz iron filings, 1 oz acetic acid, eyedropper, 5" tart pan

Study Group Pack includes:  4 7/8-oz iron filings, 4 1-oz acetic acid, 4 eyedroppers, 4 5" tart pans

Classroom Pack includes:  10 7/8-oz iron filings, 10 1-oz acetic acid, 10 eyedroppers, 10 5" tart pans

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