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Eye Caramba! Classroom Kit


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Each of the 10 activities in this kit have been specifically selected because you learn some cool physics and can also decide if you have the stomach to become a surgeon. The optical illusions and anatomy experiments are a great way to entertain your friends as you demonstrate pupil reflex, help them find their blind spots, and split white light into a rainbow of colors. All of this leads up dissecting a sheep eye to investigate its inner workings. Classroom Kit contains materials for 10 lab groups to perform each of the activities, plus a Teacher's Guide. 12 7/8 oz Ghost Crystals 12 Petri Dish, Half 12 Paper, Half 12 9-oz Clear Cups 1 Spool of Thread 12 Craft Sticks 24 9" Balloons 12 Books Matches 12 Tea Light Candles 12 1" Hand Lenses 12 Sheep or Cow Eyes 1 Box Gloves 12 Dissecting Scissors 12 Dissecting Tweezers 12 4"x6" Resealable Baggies 36 Diffraction Grating Glasses 12 Pennies 24 9-oz Opaque Cups 12 Pipettes 12 Washers 12 Microscope Slides 12 4-oz Portion Cups 12 Pipe Cleaners 250 UV Beads 12 TP Tubes 1 Roll Aluminum Foil 1 Roll Wax Paper 22 Rubber Bands 1 Box Paperclips

Eye Caramba! Classroom Kit

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